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What is Japanese Curry?

Our mission: Japanese comfort on the go.

Japanese culture loves curry.

Kids from all generations consistently rank curry as the top favorite meal. It is the go to meal for home cooked dinners, for camping, a common dish to be enjoyed for large casual gatherings. Specialized curry restaurants can be found near every train station in the city if you visit Japan. Upon seeing Japanese curry offerings in the bay area limited to food courts and as a forgotten menu item in sushi restaurants, we decided to take action.

And Curry Life was born.

Our goal is to provide high quality food in a fast and convenient setting. We know life in the bay is hectic; we want to make your meal plans easy by offering fast service and take out packaging that actually works. No one wants spilled curry on their car seats (trust us), or leaky and greasy take out containers. We want our food to help with your day, no add to it.

But don't think convenience means we compromise quality.

Our emphasis is on your convenience, but we are not cutting corners in our kitchen. We cook our curry in our kitchen every day starting with whole fresh vegetables. Our fresh vegetables get cooked until tender and we puree them right into the curry to provide consistent delicious flavor in every bite.

We hope you enjoy our food whether it's your first time eating Japanese curry or if you grew up eating it like we did.

Welcome to the Curry Life.

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